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Birthday: 1937-08-03
Place of Birth: Stepney, London
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Wiki Biography: Highly acclaimed English actor, playwright, author and director continues to set the benchmark in stunning, intense performances on both stage and screen. Berkoff was born in Stepney, London in August 1937 and received dramatic arts training in both Paris and London and then moved on to performing with several repertory companies, before he formed the London Theatre Group in 1968. Berkoff had actually been appearing in uncredited roles in UK cinema since 1959, and started to get noticed by casting agents with his performances in Hamlet at Elsinore (1964) (TV), Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), A Clockwork Orange (1971) and Barry Lyndon (1975). Mainstream film fans are probably most familiar with Steven Berkoff via his portrayal of a trio of ice cold villains in several big budget Hollywood productions of the 1980s. Firstly, he played a rogue general plotting to launch a war in Europe in Octopussy (1983), then a drug smuggling art dealer out to kill Detroit narcotics officer Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), and thirdly as a sadistic Russian commando officer torturing Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985). Berkoff continued to contribute scintillating performances and was quite memorable as Adolf Hitler in "War and Remembrance" (1988), The Krays (1990) and the haunting The Tell-Tale Heart (1991) (TV). Further villainous roles followed for the steely Berkoff in Fair Game (1995) and the Jean-Claude Van Damme kick flick Legionnaire (1998). He excelled in the camp comedy 9 Dead Gay Guys (2002), played UK crime figure Charlie Richardson Snr. in Charlie (2004) and then appeared in the passionate Greek film about mail order brides simply titled, Brides (2004) ("Brides"). His screen performances are but one part of the brilliance of Steven Berkoff, as he has additionally built a formidable reputation for his superb craftsmanship in the theatre. Berkoff has written and performed original plays including "Decadence", "Harry's Christmas Lunch" "Brighton Beach Scumbags" and "Sink the Belgrano", as well as appearing in productions of "Hamlet", "Macbeth" and "Coriolanus" to rapturous audiences right across the globe. Furthermore, he has authored several highly entertaining books on the theatre and his life including "The Theatre of Steven Berkoff", "Coriolanus in Deutscheland", "A Prisoner in Rio", "I am Hamlet" and "Meditations on Metamorphosis".

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Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff Steven Berkoff


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Children of Dune Stilgar 2003 Drama
Das jüngste Gericht Conrad 2008 Crime
Revolution 2012 - 2013 Adventure
Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian Himself - Friend 2013
Intruders Addison Leach 2014
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale Meisling 0000
Vendetta for the Saint Bertoli 1968
Barry Lyndon Lord Ludd 1975 Romance, 0, Biography, 0
McVicar 1980
Outland 1981 Sport, Game Show, 0, 0
Octopussy General Orlov 1983 0
Beverly Hills Cop Victor Maitland 1984 Action, Comedy, Crime
Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985 0, Game Show
Revolution 1985 0, 0, 0
Absolute Beginners 1986 Drama, Fantasy, Musical
Underworld Hugo Motherskille 1986 Action, Horror
Under the Cherry Moon 1986 Drama, Music, Romance
Prisoner of Rio Jack McFarland 1988 Biography, Drama, Thriller
War and Remembrance Adolf Hitler 1988 Drama
The Krays 1990 Crime, Drama
Decadence Steve / Les / Helen's Couturier 1994
Fair Game Colonel Ilya Pavel Kazak 1995 Action, Thriller
Flynn Klaus Reicher 1996 Biography, Drama
Another Nine & a Half Weeks Vittorio DaSilva 1998 Drama, Romance
Legionnaire Sgt. Steinkampf 1998 Action, Adventure, Drama
Rancid Aluminum Mr Kant 2000 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures 2001
Riders Surtayne 2002 Action, Crime, Thriller
Beginner's Luck Magic Bob 2002 Drama, Comedy
Children of Dune Stilgar 2003 Drama, Fantasy, Sci Fi
9 Dead Gay Guys 2003 Comedy, Crime
Headrush The Uncle 2003 Action, Drama, Comedy
Charlie Charlie Richardson Snr 2004 Action, Crime, Drama
Nyfes Karabulat 2004 Drama, Romance
Head in the Clouds 2004 Drama, Romance
Dievu miskas Commandant Hoppe 2005 Drama
50 Greatest Comedy Films 2006 Documentary
The Headsman Inquisitor 2006 Drama
Moving Target Lawrence Masters 2007 Drama, Thriller
Say it in Russian 2009
Ved verdens ende Jack Pudovski 2009 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Remembering Nigel Himself 2009 Comedy
The Dot Man General West 2010 Drama, Thriller
The Rapture The controller 2010 Mystery
The Big I Am The MC 2010 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Perfect Life The Elder 2010 Horror, Thriller
Just for the Record Mike Rosferry 2010 Comedy
Dead Cert Kenneth Mason 2010 Horror
Words of the Blitz Various 2010 History
The Tourist Reginald Shaw 2010 Action, Mystery, Romance
Big Fat Gypsy Gangster Guru Shah 2011 Comedy, Crime
G.B.H. Chief Constable 2012 Comedy
Strippers vs Werewolves Flett 2012 Comedy, Horror
Jeans Generation Eduard Shevardnadze 2013 Action, Drama
It's a London Thing Alfie London 2013 Action, Thriller
Attila King Rua 2013 Reality Tv, Game Show
Katherine of Alexandria Liberius 2014 0, 0
We Still Kill the Old Way Charlie 2014 Comedy, Game Show
North v South Vic Clarke 2015 Thriller
The Hunchback Advisor 2016 Action, Drama, Fantasy