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Height: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Wiki Biography: Musician, composer, actor and celebrity impersonator (Howard Stern). Also; published a small newspaper in his home area called Nickel. Plays guitar, piano, sings (low range tenor) and composes. In addition to acting, he hosts a weekly radio show at a local NPR station and has released music recordings of his own compositions. Continues to perform in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas. Occasionally seen as a background extra in first season episodes of the NBC-TV comedy: "30 Rock". More recently, has added the title of artist to his resume. He's reproduced some non-existent works originally made by Picasso (see: "Mystery Of Picasso"). He still continues to make infrequent films and 'on the spot' video travel commentaries for various cable TV shows.

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Stewart Brodian Stewart Brodian Stewart Brodian Stewart Brodian Stewart Brodian Stewart Brodian


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
A.K.A.: It's a Wiley World! Street musician 2003 Comedy, Music
Black Wine Hardware store casheir 2005 Thriller
School of Rock: Zombie Etiquette Himself 2011 Comedy