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Film title: Stompin'
Language: English
Plot: Greekshow is an emotional coming of age story about two brothers who struggle to reconcile their estranged relationship while their college campus gears up for a major Greekshow (Step competition). Jason Jackson is an all American baseball player and future number one pick of a major league baseball team. Ryan Jackson, the campus ladies man and best stepper in the state, is about to lead the defending fraternity into this year's competition. The rift between the two brothers, which was caused by a childhood incident, and the preferential treatment given to Jason by their father has grown to a boiling point. The film is an emotional rollercoaster set against the backdrop of back-breaking stepping and fierce competition all around. It will leave you asking "What does brotherhood really mean?"

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Stompin' Cast & Crew

as Mr. Jackson
Vanessa Bell Calloway
as Mrs. Jackson
Caryn Ward
as Camille
Paige Bryan
as Susan
Chris Facey
as Jason
Quonta Beasley
as Jamilla
Dacia James
as Britney
Linda Asuma
as Tutor 1
Clint Howard
as Announcer 2
Kisha Johnson
as Stepper