Storybook Squares

Storybook Squares Series
Genre: Family
Premiere: 1969
Network: NBC
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Full Show Summary

"Storybook Squares" was the Saturday morning children's version of the popular daytime (and at one point, prime-time) game show, featuring celebrity ad-libs and tic-tac-toe. Two children aged 7 to 10, one competing as X and the other O competed for an entire show; the nine celebrities were dressed as famous historical (e.g., Paul Revere), literature (e.g., Robinson Crusoe) or characters from popular TV shows (e.g., Capt. James T. Kirk of "Star Trek"). The game rules were identical to the daily show (i.e., host Marshall reads a chosen celebrity a question, celebrity quip, agree or disagree). Each game was worth a $100 savings bond, which matured on the child's 18th birthday, plus a prize (e.g., a color television set, dance lessons). The child winning the most games at the end of the show won a larger prize (e.g., a family trip to Grand Canyon); however, even the child who lost was guaranteed a $100 savings bond and a prize. Though "Storybook Squares" lasted only a single season on the Saturday morning schedule, special children's weeks (utilizing a best-of-three match and everyone's a winner rules) were played throughout the NBC daytime run. Joan Rivers, a frequent guest on the show (and on the regular 'Hollywood Squares') said that one of the reasons 'Storybook Squares' didn't work was they spent what felt like 10 to 15 minutes just introducing the characters, which made the show difficult to make.