Streets of Compton

Streets of Compton Series
Premiere: 2016
Network: A&E
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 3
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A&E's 3-hour documentary mini-series, tells the true story of the the City of Compton, revealing how a city overrun by gang and drugs became a cultural powerhouse. Superstar rapper, The Game, brings us unprecedented access to the streets of his hometown, documenting the rise of gangs and the rise of gangsta rap. In this episode, a quiet suburban city transforms into a dangerousghetto and spawns a new form of hip hop with legendary group N.W.A and careers of Venus and Serena Williams and comedian Paul Rodriguez.
Streets of Compton S01E03
Last Episode, 16 June 2016: Season 1, Episode 3: Part 3
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Date Aired Streets of Compton Episodes
Season 1
09 June 2016 Season 1, Episode 1: Part 1
16 June 2016 Season 1, Episode 2: Part 2
16 June 2016 Season 1, Episode 3: Part 3