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Film title: Striking Poses
Language: English
Plot: Wealthy press mosquito Gage Sullivan is arrested by FBI agents Linus Stahl and Valerie after burying blood-stained clothes. She explains it was all part of her endless efforts to get rid of a clever, persistent stalker. Gage hired charming security specialist Nick Love. He contracts the Major to turn her home into a fortress, gets her a new identity and identifies an ex-con contract murders suspect, whose aliases include Badger. After Gage's assistant Casey is kidnapped and probably killed, she hires Badger for revenge. This starts a series of discoveries, stings and dramatic twists.

Striking Poses Series
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Striking Poses Cast & Crew

Shannen Doherty
as Gage Sullivan
Joseph Griffin
as Nick Angel
Tamara Gorski
as Casey Roper
Aidan Devine
as Badger / Stalker
Colm Feore
as Linus
Diane D'Aquila
as Valerie
Sean Hewitt
as Major
Markus Parilo
as Patrolman Ramirez
Gina Sorell
as Patrolwoman Kirke
Peter Mensah
as Hunky Receptionist
Janet-Laine Green
as April Indigo
Katie Boland
as Motel Girl
Irene Pauzer
as Social Security Clerk
Sam Malkin
as Flight Attendant