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Film title: Struggle to the Light
Language: English
Plot: "Set during the troubled times of the 1930s, the story traces the commitment of a great politician Winston Spencer Churchill. He tries to reassert an idea of a strong society and to ensure the resurgence of a humanist culture when faced with brutality. He is a man that is politically marginalized and isolated even within his own party, remains true to his moral principles and fights to preserve the interests of his fellow citizens and his country." It is based on historical fact with a little creative license thrown in for dramatic effect and to enhance some of the characters story lines or back story. The movie focus on the statesman Sir Winston Churchill during the 1930's and the toll it takes on his family, friends and closest advisor's. He has an underlying premonition of the impending doom that will soon plunge almost every country into taking sides during World War 2 a few short years later. The agonizing decisions that are made and those that will have to be made during these very troubling times, will weigh heavily on one man. Do to the circumstances, these events will bring about one man that-despite great opposition, will rise up as leader of a nation to unite his country and the world to fight, oppose and ultimately defeat a fierce and determined enemy and the tyranny that was left behind by Germany and Japan. That one man...IS....Sir Winston Spencer Churchill.

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Struggle to the Light Cast & Crew

Emma Watson
as Sarah Churchill
Cate Blanchett
as Clementine
Kate Winslet
as Clementine Churchill
Matt Damon
as Duncan Sandys
Gerard Butler
as Putzi
Emily Blunt
as Sarah Churchill
Jeremy Irons
as Lord Lothian
Anthony Hopkins
as Sir Winston Churchill
Ian McKellen
as Speaker of the house Edward Fitzroy
Sean Connery
as Ramsay Macdonald
Elisabeth Shue
as Clementine
Donald Sutherland
as David Lloyd George
Joel Edgerton
as Torr Anderson
Colin Firth
as Anthony Eden
Dan Stevens
as Randolph Churchill