Style By Jury (TLC)

Style By Jury (TLC) Series
Premiere: 2015
Network: TLC
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 2
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Full Show Summary

With every new year comes a need for transformations, and new series STYLE BY JURY is helping TLCmake over Friday nights. The show features fashion felons accused of committing some of the most terrible “style crimes” as they are put on trial. The fashion suspects will be secretly critiqued behind a two-way mirror by a jury of their peers, and confronted with what kind of first impression their physical appearance is making to the outside world.
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Date Aired Style By Jury (TLC) Episodes
Season 1
13 March 2015 Season 1, Episode 5: The People v. Sam R.
20 March 2015 Season 1, Episode 6: The People v. Marissa L.