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Birthday: 1973-09-15
Place of Birth: Ogden, Utah, USA
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Wiki Biography: Sue Rowe has had a passion for the arts her whole life. Shows like "Fame" and "Solid Gold" were her inspiration as a child. She also loved to help out with church plays.In High School she was part of the Children's Theater program. Shortly after graduating High School, at 17, she moved to Boston where she took her first acting classes.She married John Heaton-Jones and moved to Pitfield, Maine where she worked on her first films at the International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine. One year later she and John divorced.After returning home, in 1996, she went to Salt Lake Community College where she took acting courses and was on the Dance team. Her favorite dance they performed was a modern dance on a rock climbing wall.In 1997 she married Blake Rounkles in SLC Utah. They have two children and residence in Burbank CA and SLC Utah.Sue Rowe started writing screenplays in 2005. She produced and directed her first short films one year later. "Blutiful" and "Going Home".One of her favorite acting experiences was when she was with the improv troupe "On the Spot". She said it reminded her of Carol Burnett one of her favorite actresses.She has numerous credits in a wide variety of projects such as; local commercials, films, industrial, print and short film projects. She was also did motion capture for "Top Spin Tennis II"!She loves every second spent on set and enjoys living her dream. One of the best projects she got to do was a documentary for Life Time where she got to do stunts rolling down a snowy mountain. Her second favorite role was a New Testament project where she was the "Adulterous Woman". She got to do her own stunts as the mob drug her into the court where they threw her in front of Jesus. Bruising and a very amazing and spiritual experience.Her favorite film role was "Ally" in "Bluetiful". She was able to spend a few days as an adult with autism. Those moments changed her life... she said "I have always had a tender heart for those with disabilities but after really understanding a small piece of what it must feel like day after day. I now have an even greater appreciation for the struggles they go through, and they don't get to change back as I did once the director yells cut".She loves Country, Blues, really any music with a dancing beat or that tells a story. she also loves interior design, landscaping, painting and friends that make her laughing till her belly hurts.She recorded her first country single in 2010 "Sometimes People Change" (writer/producer Tom Worth). It deals with the a woman struggling to leave her abusive husband.Also in May 2010 she opened an acting studio in Kaysville, Utah to help train and manage actors and artists of every kind. Sue Rowe Studios will be a one stop training facility for artists and filmmakers.She is now working on her feature screenplay "White Wings" a 1927 Drama. She plans to film within the next few years. She calls it her Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's "Good Will Hunting" project but mixed in with a cause that will help to bring awareness to domestic violence and abuse.Sue Rowe is honored and feels blessed to be able to do what she loves to do. It took courage and perseverance to follow her passion. She admits, it has not been easy but it was all worth it. She loves life, loves her children and would not trade one moment of her struggles that took her to the place she is today.

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