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Film title: Suika
Language: English
Plot: Haruko and Nathan return to her father's house for a much needed vacation. An unexpected injury renders poppa unable run his restaurant and more importantly pay off a high interest loan from an old shark eager to collect. With no other option the family must rely on the skills of a lackluster comic to make life saving sushi.

Suika Series
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Suika Cast & Crew

Chris Jai Alex
as Nathan
Sachiko Ishida
as Haruko
Yoshi Ishii
as Seizo
Akiko Shima
as Satoko
Bart Kwan
as Takuya
Matt Pick
as Mike
Josiah D. Lee
as Mr. Shimada
Marcus Natividad
as Akira Watanabe
Kyra Kiener
as Mary Sensei
Mark Klassen
as Joshua
Chris Bowers
as Larry
Ralph Chan
as Bodyguard #2
David Kim
as Bodyguard #1
Juzo Yoshida
as Kenzo