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Film title: Suitable for Murder
Language: English
Plot: Joe Mondragon, a veteran cop who gets things done, forms an unlikely partnership with Samantha Baines. She is attached to Police Intelligence Division and feels more comfortable handling a computer than a gun. Samantha's computer skills are needed to help hack into and track two serial killers who get their victims from Internet Chat Rooms. The plan goes horribly wrong and in a fire fight between Samantha and Joe, and the two killers, Joe is killed when Samantha is unable to make herself fire her weapon at the two serial killers. Samantha feels guilty and responsible. With the help of her new friend Mimi, and the Head of Homicide, Samantha reinvents herself and avenges Joe after a relentless chase of the killers.

Suitable for Murder Series
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Suitable for Murder Cast & Crew

Jackson Bostwick
as Joe Mondragon
Ali Faulkner
as Samantha Baines
Nate Rubin
as Cameron
Morgana Shaw
as Mimi
Allen Arkus
as Det. Johnson
Justin Arnold
as Dylan
Bob Barraza
as Det. Rodriquez
Jordan Batson
as Bloody Victim Warehouse
Lara Davidson
as Dead Person in Park
Lauren Estes
as Dead Hooker
Elizabeth Guerra
as Dead Person in Park
Genevieve Guzchack
as Stiletto
Rick Herod
as Lt. Waites
Lon Lawson
as Alex