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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Rogue Goi 2013
Gang Related Tae Kim 2014 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Antwone Fisher 2003 Drama, Romance
Better Luck Tomorrow Han 2003
The Motel Sam 2005
Forbidden Warrior Doran 2005 Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Live Free or Die Hard Raj 2007 0
War 2007 Action, Crime, Thriller
Undoing 2007 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Ninja Assassin Hollywood 2009 Action, Crime, Thriller
4 Wedding Planners Kai 2011 Comedy
Sunset Stories JP 2012 Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Bullet to the Head Taylor Kwon 2013 0, Comedy
Furious 6 Han 2013 Action, Crime, Thriller
Ana Maria in Novela Land Korean Soap Actor 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Hollywood Adventures Manny 2015 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Pali Road Mitch Kayne 2016 Game Show, 0, 0