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Film title: Sunset Heights
Language: English
Plot: Set sometime in the near future in an Ireland free of British rule, two ruling gangs come together over the abduction and death of several small boys. The most recent occurrence, the drowning of Luke Bradley's son, seems to point to a man known as The Preacher. Once his guilt is decided, the gangs offer Bradley the chance to take his revenge, and kill The Preacher.

Sunset Heights Series
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Sunset Heights Cast & Crew

Toby Stephens
as Luke Bradley
Jim Norton
as Sam Magee The Preacher
James Cosmo
as MacDonald
Patrick O'Kane
as Friday Knight
Peter Ballance
as Rory McCormick
Michael Liebman
as Miller
Joe Rea
as Victor Crocket
Emer McCourt
as Emer Bradley
B.J. Hogg
as Minister
Christian Burgess
as Hotel Manager
Seamus Ball
as Mayor Begley
Don Baker
as Harry Bonner
Marcella Riordan
as Margaret
Brenda Winter
as Marcia
Gordon Fulton
as Hughes