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Film title: Sunset Park
Language: English
Plot: Sunset Park follows the life and struggles of Gino Sarcione, a Brooklyn boy raised by his grandfather, Gramps, and part-time father Duane. Duane, a mid level criminal and degenerate gambler, racks up a serious debt to the fearsome gangster Shannon "The Sledge" McKensie. Duane skips town sticking Gramps with his enormous debt. "The Sledge" offers to take control of Gino's blossoming boxing career in lieu of the money owed but Gramps denies him leading to vicious blow back. Duane returns after ten years to salvage his relationship with Gino but only adds to the growing chaos in Gino's life. Juggling the love of his life, his family debt, and his future is an overwhelming task in Sunset Park.

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Sunset Park Cast & Crew

Michael Trevino
as Gino Sarcione
Robert Miano
as 'Gramps' Sarcione
Sam Douglas
as The Sledge
Kaitlin Mesh
as Scarlett Elaine
John Bianco
as Carlo Moretti
Nolan Lyons
as Young Gino
Jamie Choi
as Jessica Rho
James Brickhouse
as Undergroung Gambler
Vladimi Versailles
as Rajon Pierce
Leon Gonzalez
as Boxing judge / Bouncer / Bystander / Bodyguard / Gangster / Waiter
Silvia Spross
as Krystal
Elaina Levy
as Escort
Robert Morgan
as Caelin Roche