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Film title: Svadba
Language: Russian
Plot: The beautiful Tanya returns to her small mining town, after supposedly working as a model in Moscow. She decides to marry her shy school sweetheart Mishka, who now works in the mine. The miners finally receive some pay, but Mishka still ends up with no money to buy his bride a gift, so he seeks the help of his perpetually drunk buddy Garkusha. Mishka's poor working-class family all help to put on a fine wedding with copious amounts of vodka, even though they are suspicious of Tanya's occupation in Moscow, and of her connection with her Mafia ex-boyfriend Borodin.

Svadba  Series
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Svadba Cast & Crew

Elena Novikova
as Zoika
Oleg Esaulenko
as Svetlanov
Marina Golub
as Café manager
Vladimir Kashpur
as Grandfather
Galina Petrova
as Mother
Pavel Polmatov
as Tolya