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Film title: Sweet Justice
Language: English
Plot: City councilor Susan takes bribes from Reevers and allows him to deposit his garbage illegally in an old mine. But when she learns that he also dumps toxic wastes which threaten the nearby water purification unit, she wants to cancel their agreement. She asks her ex-husband Steve, a cop, for help, but before he can do anything she's found dead. Her sister Sunny decides to take revenge with help of a couple of friends, who once formed a female martial fighting sq

Sweet Justice Series
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Sweet Justice Cast & Crew

Finn Carter
as Sunny Justice
Frank Gorshin
as Billy Joe Rivas
Marc Singer
as Steve Colton
Catherine Hickland
as Chris Barnes
Kathleen Kinmont
as Heather
Cheryl Paris
as Suzanne
C.E. Grimes
as Gonzo
Michael Canavan
as Eric's Trainer
J. Stuart Haldan
as Deputy Phil
Marvin Elkins
as USC Biker