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Film title: Swishbucklers
Language: English
Plot: SWISHBUCKLERS is an offbeat comedy about three macho martial artists who join an all-gay production of The Three Musketeers in order to save their dojo. The trials and tribulations of our heroes give new meaning to the phrase, "All for one, and one for all!" Swordplay and jokes ensue amidst a touching story of friendship and tolerance.

Swishbucklers Series
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Swishbucklers Cast & Crew

François Petit
as Jean Baptiste
Billy Francesca
as St. Jacques
Maurice Nero
as Maurice
David Ortiz
as David
Jemuel Morris
as Dario
Leslie Carleton
as Lady de Winter
Roxanne Arvizu
as Constance
Scott Conte
as Kilgore
Joe Basile
as Cardinal Richelieu
Yule Caise
as Rochefort
Mathew Cape
as French Reporter
Joe di Gennaro
as Homeless Guy
Tihomir Dukic
as Cardinal Guard 4