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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Heat Vision And Jack 1999 Action
Pushing Daisies Coroner 2007 Comedy
Men at Work Walt Richardson 2012 Comedy
NY ER Avery 2013 Drama
South of Heaven Pawn Daddy 2013 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Petey Wheatstraw 1977 0, 0, Reality Tv
Repo Man 1984 Action, Comedy, Sci Fi
Sid and Nancy 1986 Drama, Music
Straight to Hell 1987 0, Fantasy, 0, Comedy
Walker Capt. Hornsby 1987 Adventure, Drama, History
Bad Dreams 1988 Horror, Thriller
Cold Steel 1988 Action, Thriller
Dead Man Walking Snake 1988 Drama
They Live Black Revolutionary 1988 Action, Horror, Sci Fi
Three Fugitives 1989 Action, Comedy
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects 1989 Drama, Thriller
Mystery Train 1989 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Tripwire Turbo 1989 Action, Drama, Thriller
Catchfire 1990 0, 0, Game Show
Men at Work 1990 Comedy, 0
To Sleep with Anger 1990
Street Asylum Sgt. 'Joker' Tatum 1990 Action, Thriller
Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel Ernest 1993 Action, Drama, Sport
Killin' Me Softly Mr. Richardson 1996 Drama
Evil Obsession Jim 1997 Thriller
Shattered Illusions Gene 1998 Drama, Thriller
Mr. P's Dancing Sushi Bar Harry 1999 Comedy, Drama
The Playaz Court 2001
Human Nature 2001 0
Surviving Christmas 2004 Comedy, Romance
Searchers 2.0 Fritz Frobisher 2007 0
All About Us Willie Earl 2007 Drama, Romance
South of Heaven Pawn Daddy 2008 Comedy, Crime
A Numbers Game Bernie 2010 Comedy
Straight to Hell Returns Norwood 2010
The Pain Killers Reverend Samuel 2013
To the Wall Dan 2013 Drama
Message from a Mistress Mr. Hall 2015 Drama
The Reluctant Polyglot Harris Liepo 2016 Drama