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Film title: Tale of Two Dragons
Language: English
Plot: The story of 'Tale of Two Dragons' explores the journey of a young lady, Faith, a career professional, who has embraced and studied Eastern philosophy and kung fu martial arts. Faith is destitute and lost in life and finds herself off balance. She has lost her way, faith, direction of her true North, and has lost touch with her spiritual balance with dark and light, good and evil within her soul. In search of balancing her chi, she seeks the help of a hypnotherapist. After being hypnotized into a deep state of mind, she finds herself as Xinnian (her alter ego) in another world deep inside her own psyche on an ancient beach. It's the battle of her life. Good versus evil, dark versus light, represented as two opposing Dragons, a Dragon of light and a Dragon of dark.

Tale of Two Dragons Series
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Tale of Two Dragons Cast & Crew

Billy Smith
as Chia
Lynne Conner Smith
as Hyno-Therapist
Anna Yosin
as Faith / Xinnian