Watch Tango & Cash Online

Watch Tango & Cash Online
Film title: Tango & Cash
Rotten Tomatoes: 53%
Language: English
Plot: Director Andrei Konchalovsky takes the buddy-cop premise to great lengths in this tense, graphic look at two narcs in the Los Angeles Police Department who couldn't have more different personal habits. When Ray Tango (Sylvester Stallone) and Gabe Cash (Kurt Russell) are framed and wind up in prison, they're tortured by the thugs of the drug lord who put them there. But watch out -- the partners are sure to escape and exact revenge.

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Tango & Cash Cast & Crew

Sylvester Stallone
as Ray Tango
Kurt Russell
as Gabe Cash
Teri Hatcher
as Kiki
Jack Palance
as Yves Perret
Brion James
as Courier-Requin