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Film title: Temptation
Language: English
Plot: John Russell has a perfect wife, job, car, files; virtually a perfect life. However, he longs to live on the edge. He dreams of being unconventional and living life on the edge. On his way to South Korea's Honeymoon Island for a architectural convention, he finally gets his wish. The story weaves into a tumultuous, sexually-charged murder mystery, laced with intrigue, passion and deception. And, when that fuse is lit, the tension grows to an incredible, explosive climax.

Temptation  Series
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Temptation Cast & Crew

Zoe Saldana
as Annie
Adam Pascal
as Nicholi
Deven May
as Matt
Alice Ripley
as Sabrina
as Yvonne
Annie Golden
as Nora
Manley Pope
as Billy