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Film title: Tequila Body Shots
Language: English
Plot: Three buddies discover a road trip for a party in Mexico can take more out of you than expected. Things begin to take a strange turn when Johnny gets mind reading powers from a medicine man's magical tequila. Johnny's friends want him to use these powers to get women but Johnny's mind is only on the beautiful Tamlyn. Reaching Tamlyn proves more challenging when Johnny realizes that not only is her punk ex-boyfriend stalking her but also that Tamlyn's past life's husband, Hector, wants her back! Johnny and his friends are in for the adventure of their lives as they race to save Tamlyn - and themselves - from the clutches of Hector at a deadly party in hell. Luckily, our heros have time to squeeze in an enlightening round of truth or dare, drink themselves silly, and, oh yeah, get laid. The comical escapades are tied together by tequila body shots which are not only fun to drink but also conjure the souls of the dead back to life!

Tequila Body Shots Series
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Tequila Body Shots Cast & Crew

Joseph Lawrence
as Johnny Orpheus
Dru Mouser
as Tamlyn
Jennifer Lyons
as Angela
Mauro L. Metini
as Bouncer in Club
Senta Moses
as Linda
Rene L. Moreno
as Hector
Richard Stay
as Larry
Apollo Dukakis
as Professor
Alexandra Adi
as Waitress