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Film title: Terrified
Language: English
Plot: Olive has been having a rough time ever since her husband killed her lover and then committed suicide. Now her co-workers are talking about her, someone is following her, and someone keeps breaking into her apartment. The police don't take h

Terrified Series
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Terrified Cast & Crew

Heather Graham
as Olive
Lisa Zane
as Pearl
Paul Herman
as Toughguy
Rustam Branaman
as Detective Conrad
Kane Picoy
as Kirk
Jason Cairns
as Reno
Max Perlich
as Chad
Balthazar Getty
as Chad's Friend
Don Calfa
as Office Worker #1
Richard Lynch
as Office Worker #2
Tom Bresnahan
as Officer Hipps
Sal Landi
as Officer Pool
Danny Kuchuck
as Terry
Peter Dobson
as Terry's Friend