Watch TerrorVision Online

Watch TerrorVision Online
Film title: TerrorVision
Language: English
Plot: A civilization on a distant planet has found a way to solve its garbage problem: turning it into energy and beaming it into outer space. A flaw in this system is found when the signal is accidentally picked up on Earth by the Putterman Family's home satellite dish. While this would ordinarily be just another mess, this particular transmission contains a hungry trash monster who quickly begins snacking on the Puttermans and their guests. Only young Sherman Putterman has any clue what is going on, but nobody will believe him. Is there any hope for the Earth?

TerrorVision Cast & Crew

Diane Franklin
as Suzy Putterman
Gerrit Graham
as Stanley Putterman
Mary Woronov
as Raquel Putterman
Chad Allen
as Sherman Putterman
Jon Gries
as O.D.
Bert Remsen
as Grampa
Alejandro Rey
as Spiro
Randi Brooks
as Cherry
William Paulson
as Pluthar
John Leamer
as Chauffeur
Frank Welker
as Monster Vocal Effects