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Film title: That One Night
Language: English
Plot: That One Night is an exciting comedy about dating, nearing 30, and the re-unification of five college friends who have drifted apart since entering the workforce. The film centers around Chauncey, a social animal whose best friend, Adam has recently been dumped. Chauncey takes it upon himself to not only cure Adam's heartache, but reunite his other college buddies once more for a night of fun-filled hijinks while exploring and discussing the inner-workings of dating.

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That One Night Cast & Crew

Benjamin Arthur
as Chauncey
Paul Anthony
as Adam
Crystal Lowe
as Stacy
Sam Easton
as Bobby
Amanda Crew
as Marie
Nathan Clark
as Justin
Andrea Lui
as Jennifer
Lucie Guest
as Tina
Aubrey Tennant
as Clarke
Amy Couldwell
as Tracy
Lindsay Maxwell
as Tricia
Rebecca DeJong
as Jessica
Tara Wilson
as Yvette
Graham Wardle
as Danny McKabb
Tom Butler
as Mr. Wilcox