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Film title: The 2nd Law
Language: English
Plot: Danielle, a brilliant but eccentric young physicist is obsessed with the question of life after death. Her obsession stems from her mother and father dying when she was a child. Now a young woman in her late 20s and armed with scientific expertise, Danielle is determined to find the answer to the question that haunts her, what happened to her mother and father? To do this she experiments with Near Death Experiences, and with the mentorship of her former graduate advisor sets out to find answers not only of her parents, but also to the existence of consciousness beyond physical death.

The 2nd Law Series
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The 2nd Law Cast & Crew

Kally Khourshid
as Danielle
Daniel Donaldson
as Danielle's Father
Rachael Levi
as Danielle's Mother
Ken Luzadder
as Aram
Scott Asmar
as Apartment Manager
Frank Smeragulio
as Cafe Cook
Chris McQueen
as Guitar Player
Savannah Shane
as Sensual Voice
as Serpent
Shonna Small
as Waitress