Watch The Absent Online

Watch The Absent Online
Film title: The Absent
Language: English
Plot: The town of Liberty has many secrets but the darkest is hidden between twin brothers. Vincent and Oscar Burton are only 10 years old when Oscar finds out his parents are trying to kill him for insurance money. Oscar takes it in to his own hands to protect himself and his twin. He makes a breakfast that will be his parents last. Twenty five years later Vincent Burton is the best science teacher at Liberty High School until he falls for his prize student Katie Anderson. Katie has just ended a relationship with her cheating jock boyfriend Karl Pierce when she seduces Vincent. He takes her to his parents summer cabin and they cross the line when they enter into a sexual relationship. Vincent's twin brother Oscar is released from prison and decides to help Vincent avoid doing hard time. First Katie disappears then Vincent's list of absent students grows as Oscar does anything he can to take care of anyone who has knowledge of the relationship. Parents and teachers start to worry as the body count rises. The local Sheriff starts hunting Oscar but Vincent keeps him well hidden. The game of cat and mouse has the whole town involved. Innocent bystanders even start paying the price until the three face off in a bloody ending where only one remains standing.

The Absent Cast & Crew

Vanessa Zima
as Amy Jones
Denny Kirkwood
as Oscar Dillasaw
Yvonne Zima
as Katie Anderson
Matthew Josten
as Young Oscar Dillasaw
Jennifer Blanc
as Kathy Johnson
Sam Ball
as Sheriff John Jackson
Kelly B. Eviston
as Marge Jackson
Jamielyn Kane
as Jennifer Johnson
Jesse Gullion
as Carl Pierce
Lucas Dick
as Tommy
Moniqua Plante
as Lilly Dillasaw
Jonathan Rau
as Janitor
Benji Olson
as Rocky