Watch The Abyss Online

Watch The Abyss Online
Film title: The Abyss
Rotten Tomatoes: 79%
Language: Alan Silvestri
Plot: When a nuclear submarine sinks, a team of divers descends the depths to determine the cause in this sci-fi thriller from writer-director James Cameron. But during the investigation, it becomes evident that an extraterrestrial power is at work. Led by Bud Brigman (Ed Harris), the crew includes Brigman's estranged wife (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and a paranoid Navy lieutenant (Michael Biehn). The film scored an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

The Abyss Cast & Crew

Ed Harris
as Virgil 'Bud' Brigman
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
as Lindsey Brigman
Michael Biehn
as Lt. Hiram Coffey
Leo Burmester
as Catfish De Vries
Todd Graff
as Alan 'Hippy' Carnes
John Bedford Lloyd
as Jammer Willis
Kimberly Scott
as Lisa 'One Night' Standing
Christopher Murphy
as Schoenick
Dick Warlock
as Dwight Perry
Jimmie Ray Weeks
as Leland McBride