Watch The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Online

Watch The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Online
Film title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Rotten Tomatoes: 78%
Language: English
Plot: Featuring more than 60 illustrations from the likes of Norman Rockwell, Mark Twain's celebrated novel springs to life in this engaging dramatization as mischievous orphan Tom Sawyer and his friends share adventures on the mighty Mississippi River. Using his charm and his wits, Tom always skates away from trouble, whether he's pretending to be a buccaneer or pursuing the lovely Becky Thatcher. On-screen text is included so viewers can read along.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Cast & Crew

May Robson
as Aunt Polly
Walter Brennan
as Muff Potter
Victor Jory
as Injun Joe
David Holt
as Sid Sawyer
Nana Bryant
as Mrs. Thatcher
Olin Howland
as Mr. Dobbins - Schoolmaster
Charles Richman
as Judge Thatcher
Margaret Hamilton
as Mrs. Harper
Marcia Mae Jones
as Mary Sawyer
Mickey Rentschler
as Joe Harper
Cora Sue Collins
as Amy Lawrence
Ann Gillis
as Becky Thatcher