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Film title: The Amulet
Language: English
Plot: Many years ago, a man named Philip McBean got involved in a museum heist for an ancient artifact... The Amulet. He was on the run from the police, who were high in pursuit, when he dropped The Amulet in a local park. In the present day, his grandson, Jimmy McBean, has made it his life goal to find what he believes was by birth his. Little does he know that treachery, murder, and kidnapping all await him when he uncovers The Amulet. So when Tim Johnson of the P.P.F. goes missing after being the last one to have The Amulet in his possession, the rest of the team is hard on the trail to get him, and The Amulet back.

The Amulet Series
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The Amulet Cast & Crew

Ryan Konig
as Tim Johnson / Digger #1 / Resident
Sean Konig
as Jon Byers / Digger #2
Andrew Lembeck-Edens
as Andrew McJones / Digger #3
Matthew Lembeck-Edens
as Jimmy McBean / Joe Mancible / Black Market Dealer