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Film title: The Appearing
Language: English
Plot: A Woman once controlled by a mysterious entity uncovers a shocking secret about her past and must face the demon that is lurking inside of her.

The Appearing Series
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The Appearing Cast & Crew

Will Wallace
as Michael
Dean Cain
as Dr. Shaw
Don Swayze
as Sheriff Hendricks
Quinton Aaron
as Kenneth
Emily Brooks
as Rachel
Wolfgang Bodison
as Father Callahan
Conroy Kanter
as Dr. Farnell
Abigail Cooper
as Susie Dudley
Kris Deskins
as Margo Dudley
Tom Calococci
as Wade Fleener
Payton Wood
as Nathan
Meghan McGregor
as Morgan
Megan Kiniry
as Katherine
Elizabeth Florer
as Martha May