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Film title: The Aryan Couple
Language: English
Plot: In 1944, in Hungary, the wealthy Jewish industrialist Joseph Krauzenberg is forced by the Reichführer Heinrich Himmler to deliver his 3,000 employee factory; his palace with his collection of antiques and arts; a large amount in gold; and his house to the Reich. In return, the Nazis would send his big family that is arrested in Gestapo safe and sound to the neutral Switzerland and then to Palestine. Himmler schedules a dinner with Krauzenberg and his wife Rachel Krauzenberg to sign the contract and orders the butcher Eichmann to not do harm to the imprisoned Jews relatives of Krauzenberg. Himmer also send the SS Edelhein to check the security of the palace and the two German house servants of Krauzenberg, Hans Vassman and his beautiful pregnant wife Ingrid Vassman. Hans and Ingrid are actually the Jews David and Leila Steinberg and members of the resistance. When the Krauzenberg couple concludes the negotiation with Himmler, Ingrid discloses to the couple that Hans and she are Jews. However, the deal is closed and Joseph has no means to include the young servants in his deal.

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The Aryan Couple Cast & Crew

Martin Landau
as Joseph Krauzenberg
Judy Parfitt
as Rachel Krauzenberg
Kenny Doughty
as Hans Vassman
Caroline Carver
as Ingrid Vassman
Danny Webb
as Himmler
Steven Mackintosh
as Eichmann
Jake Wood
as Dressler
Nolan Hemmings
as Gerhard
Austen Palmer
as Kurt Becher
Tyler Bizzell
as Second Sentry
Gretchen Becker
as Jolanda
Adrian O'Donnell
as Adjutant