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Film title: The Best Man
Language: English
Plot: After Olly Pickering and his youth friend and dorm mate Murray graduate, Olly, a promising author, gets a contract and advance, which somehow kills his nerve, even about using urinals. Writer's block forces him to move into professionally successful Murray's Soho (London) spare room and take a crappy job as publishing research assistant. Asked as New York trip friend James's London wedding best man, Oly falls in love at the bachelor party. Alas the flirt turns out to be bride Sarah. Olly would graciously walk away, but sassy Murray keeps arranging, resourcefully, for them to meet and in the process gets on with her bitchy sister. Olly's moral reserve is reconsidered when James admits he isn't monogamous.

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The Best Man Cast & Crew

Stuart Townsend
as Olly Pickering
Raphael Schwartz
as Olly Aged 2
Jacob Moriarty
as Olly Aged 10
Callum Williams
as Murray Aged 10
Seth Green
as Murray
Simon Callow
as Big-Time Publisher
Jodhi May
as Tania
Burn Gorman
as Bus Driver
Ian Hanmore
as Drunk
Mike Kelly
as Party Bore
Philip Jackson
as Mr. Barker