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Film title: The Blackout
Language: English, French
Plot: Matty is a film star who is tired of Hollywood life and moves to Miami, where he makes a proposal to his girlfriend Annie. She is not ready to marry him, and it is revealed that she had an abortion. Depressed because he lost his baby (though it was him who initially asked for abortion), Matty, together with his friend Micky, go on a wild night, they meet a waitress also called Annie and in the end of the night Matty passes out. A year and a half later Matty lives in New York, leads a clean life visiting AA meetings and has a relationship with attractive blonde Susan. He is still obsessed with Annie and returns to Miami, where unexpected news about Annie 2 (the waitress) waits for him.

The Blackout  Series
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The Blackout Cast & Crew

Matthew Modine
as Matty
Sarah Lassez
as Annie 2
Dennis Hopper
as Mickey Wayne
Steven Bauer
as Mickey's Studio Actor
Laura Bailey
as Mickey's Studio Actress
Nancy Ferrara
as Mickey's Studio Actress
Andrew Fiscella
as Mickey's Studio Actor
Vincent Lamberti
as Mickey's Studio Actor
Victoria Duffy
as Script Girl
Nicholas De Cegli
as Miami Drug Dealer
Daphne Duplaix
as Fly Girl
Mercy Lopez
as Fly Girl
Lori Eastside
as That Girl