Watch The Blue Lagoon Online

Watch The Blue Lagoon Online
Film title: The Blue Lagoon
Rotten Tomatoes: 11%
Language: English
Plot: Set in the lush environs of a deserted tropical island, this coming-of-age tale follows two shipwrecked children -- Emmeline and Richard -- who are stranded for years As the cute kids turn into beautiful teenagers, nature takes its course.

The Blue Lagoon Cast & Crew

Brooke Shields
as Emmeline
Leo McKern
as Paddy Button
William Daniels
as Arthur Lestrange
Elva Josephson
as Young Emmeline
Glenn Kohan
as Young Richard
Alan Hopgood
as Captain
Gus Mercurio
as Officer
Jeffrey Kleiser
as Lookout
Bradley Pryce
as Little Paddy
Chad Timmerman
as Infant Paddy
Gert Jacoby
as Sailor
Alex Hamilton
as Sailor
Richard Evanson
as Sailor