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Film title: The Bridge
Language: English
Plot: After a family tragedy Carly Evans was unable to cope with a new set of problems. Withdrawn and hopeless she isolated herself from friends, family and her church. In her weakness, she finds herself alone on the bridge contemplating suicide when a mysterious girl appears and reveals part of the future. The girls message reignites Carly's faith in God. With a change of heart Carly sets out to restore old relationships while waiting for a new one. She experiences a future full of hope and unexpected love. Has she finally found something to live for?

The Bridge  Series
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The Bridge Cast & Crew

Leanne Lower
as Carly
Dan Scarberry
as David
Julie Burget
as Jane
Carol Gravelyn
as Jackie
Stacy Boggs
as Victoria
Olivia Minnes
as Faith
Tony Venable
as Mr. Piper
Damas Manderson
as Mr. Thomas
Gil Michel
as Pastor Dean
Danielle Minnes
as Vivianne
Kelly Morgan
as Miranda