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Film title: The Broken Crown
Language: Italian
Plot: It's the story of Tano's redemption. He is the right-hand man of Don Carmelo, a powerful Padrino of the United Sacred Crown, the criminal organization of Puglia, a South Italy region. Tano falls in love with Vittoria, a charming woman, and wants to change his life for her: but it is not permitted to quit the United Sacred Crown.

The Broken Crown Series
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The Broken Crown Cast & Crew

Massimo Bonetti
as Bonocore
Horst Janson
as Detective Gruber
Nela Lucic
as Vittoria
Manuela Morabito
as Taviano's wife
Orfeo Orlando
as Nasser
Olivia Pascal
as Real Estate Broker
Nicola Pernisco
as Don Nicola
Andrea Roncato
as Detective Taviano
Antonio Scialpi
as Gennaro
Tony Sperandeo
as Don Vito Romano
Silvana Strocchi
as Don Carmelo's mother
Rinaldo Talamonti
as Don Carmelo
Franco Trentalance
as Don Peppino
Ron Williams
as Captain