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Film title: The Brothers Sinclair
Language: English
Plot: Gus Sinclair - the gay "black sheep" of the Sinclair dynasty passes away and leaves his business: The 2150 Club - a private men's gym in Manhattan - to his favorite nephews: Scott & Jeffrey - both also gay. Unfortunately - to their dismay - the club membership is straight and their silent partner is the Mob, to whom they owe $22,000. But this is not your typical Mafioso family. The 3 handsome Italian sons are also gay, and one of them - Tony Calypso - takes a liking to Scott. Meanwhile Jeffrey has his eye one of the club members: soap opera star Luke Pico - whose sexual orientation is in question. Add to this an extortion and blackmail scheme from a rival mafia family and you have a romantic comedy full of complications, twists and turns.

The Brothers Sinclair Series
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The Brothers Sinclair Cast & Crew

Steven Helmkamp
as Scott Sinclair
Mike C. Manning
as Jeffrey Sinclair
Adam Huss
as Tony Calypso
Stanley Ullman
as Max Calypso
Kody Corduan
as Luke Pico
Marty York
as Guido Calypso
Jay Bingham
as Vinnie Calypso
Jennifer Bassey
as Vivian Sinclair
Cuyle Carvin
as Richard
Israel Korn
as Matt
Justin Price
as Dante
Carlos Valverde
as Robert