Watch The Call Online

Watch The Call Online
Film title: The Call
Language: English
Plot: Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) is an experienced 911 operator but when she makes an error in judgment and a call ends badly, Jordan is rattled and unsure if she can continue. But then teenager Casey Welson (Abigail Breslin) is abducted in the back of a man's car and calls 911. And Jordan is the one called upon to use all of her experience, insights and quick thinking to help Casey escape, and not just to save Casey, but to make sure the man is brought to justice.

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The Call Cast & Crew

Halle Berry
as Jordan Turner
Abigail Breslin
as Casey Welson
Morris Chestnut
as Officer Paul Phillips
Michael Eklund
as Michael Foster
David Otunga
as Officer Jake Devans
Michael Imperioli
as Alan Denado
Justina Machado
as Rachel
Roma Maffia
as Maddy
Evie Thompson
as Leah Templeton
Denise Dowse
as Flora
Ella Rae Peck
as Autumn
Jenna Lamia
as Brooke
Ross Gallo
as Josh
Tara Platt
as Female Trainee