The Chainsaw Sally Show

The Chainsaw Sally Show Series
Genre: Horror
Premiere: 2010
Network: Syndicated
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Sessons: 2
Full Episodes: 1
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Full Show Summary

The show was also known as “Hot Off The Wire.” Jim plays Mike O’Toole who runs a news service that’s one step ahead of bankruptcy. No stranger to TV Jim “Mr.Magoo” Backus starred as Judge Bradley Stevens on “I Married Joan” (1952-55) and everyone remembers Mr.Howell from “Gilligan’s Island” (1964-67). Nita Talbot is his secretary Dora. Not a very funny show and no surprise it didn’t last. Typical episodes: “The Woman’s Touch” – Dora thinks she can run the business better than Mike so he gives her the chance. She has a number of new rules including all the men mus t keep their jackets on in the office. She tells Mike to do a story on polygamy. She figures it’ll be an easy sell. Her friend Sophie says she has the perfect person to be her sales manager. He’s a friend of her boyfriend Melvin (Dave Willock). He’s Douglas Aldrich. He’s a real smoothie and charms Dora. He gets expense money from her. He says he needs it to entertain clients. Back at the office Doug thinks he’s alone and calls his bookie. Then in walks John Meeker (Bryon Foulger). He wants to sign up and gives Doug cash. Mike’s research takes him to his friend Tim Becker at the police department. Tim says police across the country are looking for “Love ‘em and leave ‘em” Anderson. He’s been married eleven times and never got a divorce. The next day at the office Mike gets a picture of Anderson sent over by Becker. Any sitcom watcher knows who Anderson is and Mike has a plan to nail him. “Old Army Game” w/Maurice “Doberman” Gosfield – Mike’s old army buddy Dilly (Maurice Gosfield) drops by the office. Shultzy, their old Sarge, was mugged at the waterfront. He met a couple dames in the Purple Pelican bar. They got him to take a walk on the pier. Now he’s in the hospital minues his wallet. Mike tells Dilly they should get revenge for the Sarge and it will also make a good news story about G.I.’s getting mugged. Mike instructs Sidney, one of his reporters, to call Lt.Garrity at the police department and have him bring a squad to the waterfront at nine o’clock. In uniform he and Dilly head for the bar. At the bar Mike and Dilly easily spot a couple of brassy dames. The girls think the two are easy marks. After some fake champagne the girls suggest a walk on the pier. Meanwhile Sidney is frantically trying to get ahold of Garrity. Mike and Dilly are on the pier with the girls. Two guys are approaching. No Garrity. Now what? This episode makes it easy to see why the show was cancelled. The writing is terrible. Maurice Gosfield gained fame as Doberman on “The Phil Silvers Show.” There’s even a short reference to Sgt.Bilko in the episode. more less
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