Watch The Company Online

Watch The Company Online
Film title: The Company
Rotten Tomatoes: 71%
Language: English
Plot: In this drama from Robert Altman, a young dancer (Neve Campbell) is focused on becoming a principal dancer with her ballet company, but finds it progressively more difficult to stick to the demanding schedule that's required. As the pressure mounts, she grows more preoccupied with other interests and with her boyfriend (James Franco), who vies for her time. The story is based on Campbell's own experiences at the National Ballet School of Canada.

The Company Cast & Crew

Chris O'Donnell
as Jack McCauliffe
Alfred Molina
as Harvey Torriti
Michael Keaton
as James Angleton
Rory Cochrane
as Yevgeny Tsipin
Alessandro Nivola
as Leo Kritzky
Tom Hollander
as Adrian Philby
Ted Atherton
as Frank Wisner
Stephen Bogaert
as Elliott Ebbitt III
Rick Roberts
as William Colby
Mike Turner
as Manny Ebbitt
Ulrich Thomsen
as Starik Zhilov
JB Blanc
as Manuel Piniero
Hristo Mitzkov
as Vanka Borisov
Cedric Smith
as Allen Dulles
Barry Flatman
as Philip Sweet
Péter Rudolf
as Fallen Angel
Gábor Nagypál
as CIA Associate Sweet Jesus, Berlin
Zoltán Berzsenyi
as Nikita Khruschev
László Konter
as Yevgeny's father Tsipin
Levente Törköly
as Constantine Vishnevsky
Misel Maticevic
as Arpad Zelk
Berndt Von Bömches
as Prof. Ernst Loffler