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Film title: The Confidence Man
Language: English
Plot: Trust, loyalty and betrayal. Don't even trust your best friend! Policeman Stevie Grimes never lost his trust in the police force but has been suspended a few months for accidentally shooting and killing a young boy. Because of lack of evidence in court and with some help from his former partner, Stevie soon finds himself working as a policeman again. When Stevie returns to the police force he is bound to a desk job. Stevie misses the action of the streets and asks his former partner who has been promoted to lieutenant, if there are any interesting assignments available, the lieutenant knows just a case that Stevie can work out perfectly. The lieutenant and Stevie do however share a dark secret... It wasn't Stevie that shot the young boy but somebody very important within the police force, Stevie took the fall out of loyalty. There is a big chance that the murder case will reopen and the lieutenant fears that this time Stevie will point out the real killer. To prevent this from happening, the lieutenant makes use of a unique opportunity that had arisen when a con artist unknowingly came in touch with the law.

The Confidence Man Series
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The Confidence Man Cast & Crew

Jack Conley
as Stevie Grimes
Amir Abou-Rass
as Slain Boy
Rod Castillo
as Bartender
Ken Earl
as A.J.
Deborah Green
as Lt's Wife
David Groh
as The Lieutenant
Charles Gunning
as Smokey
Butch Hammett
as Angry Man
Kelly Jaquiss
as Protestor
Robin Jones
as Hot Blonde
Chris Kofinis
as Jury Foreman
Jeremy Laumais
as Strip Club Patron
Bill McGinley
as Judge