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Film title: The Contract
Language: English
Plot: Anna has a bad week. Her boss is a pain to her, as is the grocery store clerk. Her friend was bad to her, her husband couldn't take his eyes off a waitress, and her babysitter annoyed her. One night at the local pub, she tells a man about her problems and he says he can solve them if she just signs a paper. The next day, her boss has been brutally murdered. Soon, Anna realizes everybody she knows is in danger, including her family and friends.

The Contract  Series
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The Contract Cast & Crew

Camilla Overbye Roos
as Anne Collins
Jeff Fahey
as Detective Tucci
Andrew Keegan
as Howard Maple
Amy Weber
as Jessica Grey
Michael Worth
as Detective McGuiness
Robert Gant
as Gene Collins
Steve Lawrence
as Captain O'Neil
Louise Fletcher
as Grandma Collins
Patrick Renna
as Jerry the clerk
Stephen J. Cannell
as William Goodwin
J.B. Gaynor
as Scotty Collins
Dan Donohue
as The Man in Black
Jennifer Lambert
as Dana Turcotte
Danielle Carin
as Heather Burns
Robert Lavetta
as Carl the bartender