The Court

The Court Series
Premiere: 2002 - 2002
Network: ABC
Sessons: 1
Full Episodes: 6
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The Court revolves around the new Supreme Court Justice Kate Nolan, as she tries to navigate between the liberal and conservative aspects of her occupation (struggling to find her way through the political aspects of the court). This series premiered on ABC on March 26, 2002, but the series was cancelled only after three episodes.
The Court S01E06 The life of Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) seems doomed when a cryptic death threat, wrapped around a rock, comes flying through the window, causing, pandemonium in the courtroom.
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Date Aired The Court Episodes
Season 1
26 March 2002 Season 1, Episode 1: Life Sentence
02 April 2002 Season 1, Episode 2: Due Process
09 April 2002 Season 1, Episode 3: Stay
Season 1, Episode 4: Snakes in the Grass
Season 1, Episode 5: A Wing and a Prayer
Season 1, Episode 6: Back in the Bottle