Watch The Crawling Hand Online

Watch The Crawling Hand Online
Film title: The Crawling Hand
Language: English
Plot: This ghoulish yarn begins with a tragic accident in which an astronaut is killed upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, his severed hand floating into space. Soon after, a young man, Peter Breck (Steve Curan), comes across the hand in a pile of wreckage and reports his find to the authorities. But his involvement in this eerie mess doesn't end there, as the hand comes alive and haunts him, amassing a pile of victims in its bloody wake.

The Crawling Hand Cast & Crew

Peter Breck
as Steve Curan
Kent Taylor
as Dr. Max Weitzberg
Rod Lauren
as Paul Lawrence
Alan Hale Jr.
as Sheriff Townsend
Allison Hayes
as Donna
Sirry Steffen
as Marta Farnstrom
Arline Judge
as Mrs. Hotchkiss
Richard Arlen
as Lee Barrenger
Tristram Coffin
as Security Chief Meidel
Ed Wermer
as Prof. Farnstrom