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Film title: The Criminal
Language: English
Plot: Jasper Rawlins, a none-too-successful musician, finds himself chatting with a beautiful woman at his neighborhood bar. She goes home with him, direct and frank in answer to his nervousness. During the night, someone breaks into his flat and cuts her throat. He runs into the arms of the police, who dismiss his story, but release him while they search for the weapon. He investigates the crime, and over the next few days, meets a knowing pornographer, hit men, and other schemers. As dead bodies pile up wherever he goes, the police are soon looking for him with guns drawn. As he discovers secrets about a shadowy corporation, the police close in. Can he find someone to trust?

The Criminal  Series
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The Criminal Cast & Crew

Steven Mackintosh
as Jasper Rawlins
Bernard Hill
as Det. Insp. Walker
Eddie Izzard
as Peter Hume
Natasha Little
as Sarah Maitland
Yvan Attal
as Mason
Holly Aird
as Det. Sgt. Rebecca White
Andrew Tiernan
as Harris
Jana Carpenter
as Grace
Justin Shevlin
as The Barker
Barry Stearn
as Noble
Norman Lovett
as Clive
Timothy Bateson
as Thomas
Abigail Blackmore
as Arsey Barmaid
Ingrid Bradley
as Scantily dressed woman