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Film title: The Curse of El Charro
Language: English
Plot: In California, Maria has awful nightmares with and visions of her sister that committed suicide one year ago. Her roommate Chris invites Maria to travel with her and her friends Tanya and Rose on vacation to her uncle's house in Saguaro, Arizona, to relax. When the group arrives in the house, they immediately go to a night-club to have fun and chase some local guys for sex; however, the evil El Charro is seeking Maria killing her friends with his machete.

The Curse of El Charro Series
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The Curse of El Charro Cast & Crew

Andrew Bryniarski
as El Charro
Danny Trejo
as El Charro
Drew Mia
as Maria
Heidi Androl
as Christina
KellyDawn Malloy
as Rosemary
Philip Boyd
as James
Tabitha Stevens
as Elvira
Liliana Signorelli
as Homeless Woman
Lyndsay Martin
as Brittany
Michela Fruet
as Messenger
Victoria Vanegas
as Maria's Sister
as Priest
James Intveld
as Archangel Michael