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Film title: The Dead 2: India
Language: English
Plot: The Dead 2: India, is the sequel to the hugely successful horror, The Dead, directed by The Ford Brothers. The Dead 2: India, builds on the first film but ramps up the action, drama and intensity on an exotic and truly epic scale!SYNOPSISAnother darkly mysterious Continent becomes an inhospitable dead zone in The Dead 2: India. The highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning Ford Brothers' critically acclaimed zombie road movie, The Dead, sees the cult franchise move to the hustle and bustle of India as the devastating outbreak takes hold. Set against the spectacular vistas and stunning scenery of Rajasthan, known as The Land of the Kings and one of the world's first and oldest civilizations, The Dead 2: India puts the Ford Brothers' unique apocalyptic vision on a far bigger canvas in terms of breathtaking scope, thrilling action, death-defying stunts, emotional resonance and spine-tingling fright.A ship docked fresh from Somalia, containing one infected worker who feverishly picks up his meager pay then passes unnoticed into the very heart of India through the overpopulated bustling streets, setting off an unstoppable chain of events.Meanwhile American turbine engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson), is working up high on wind farms in the peaceful and stunning Indian countryside. Having fallen in love with local girl Ishani Sharma (Meenu) from a humble home on the outskirts of the slums of Mumbai.Their three hundred mile distance is broken by a phone call revealing Ishani is now pregnant and scared for her life : chaos and terror have taken hold of the cities as the dead return to life and attack the living.Nicholas has to battle his way across three hundred miles of ferociously infected Indian landscapes to reach Ishani and his unborn child. With the help of a young street kid Javed (Anand Goyal), he has to rely on his wits and sheer brute force using any means possible to try and save them.

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The Dead 2: India Cast & Crew

Joseph Millson
as Nicholas Burton
Meenu Mishra
as Ishani Sharma
Anand Gopal
as Javed
Sandip Datta Gupta
as Ishani's father
Poonam Mathur
as Ishani's Mother
Niharika Singh
as Mystery Woman
Coulsom Sujitabh
as Mourning Wife
Madhu Rajesh
as Woman in car