Watch The Dead Pool Online

Watch The Dead Pool Online
Film title: The Dead Pool
Rotten Tomatoes: 48%
Language: English
Plot: A macabre sports pool is placing bets on which celebrity is going to die next and crossing names off a list as each of them meets their demise. A serial killer who preys on famous figures enters the scene, and suddenly the odds are dramatically changed. When rogue cop "Dirty Harry" Callahan (Clint Eastwood) and high-profile TV journalist Samantha Walker (Patricia Clarkson) suddenly find their names on the list, the game hits too close to home.

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The Dead Pool Cast & Crew

Clint Eastwood
as Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
Patricia Clarkson
as Samantha Walker
Liam Neeson
as Peter Swan
Evan C. Kim
as Insp. Al Quan
David Hunt
as Harlan Rook
Michael Currie
as Capt. Donnelly
Michael Goodwin
as Lt. Ackerman
Darwin Gillett
as Patrick Snow
Anthony Charnota
as Lou Janero
Christopher P. Beale
as Dist. Atty. Thomas McSherry
John Allen Vick
as Lt. Ruskowski
Jim Carrey
as Johnny Squares