Watch The Dead Zone Online

Watch The Dead Zone Online
Film title: The Dead Zone
Rotten Tomatoes: 90%
Language: English
Plot: In this sci-fi TV series inspired by Stephen King's novel, former teen star Anthony Michael Hall reemerges as Johnny Smith, a seemingly ordinary man who awakens from a six-year coma to find he has the ability to see into other people's futures. At first, the local sheriff (Chris Bruno) -- who's now married to Johnny's onetime fiancée (Nicole de Boer) -- sees Johnny's gift as a liability. But his powers ultimately prove to be invaluable.

The Dead Zone Cast & Crew

Christopher Walken
as Johnny Smith
Brooke Adams
as Sarah Bracknell
Tom Skerritt
as Sheriff Bannerman
Herbert Lom
as Dr. Sam Weizak
Anthony Zerbe
as Roger Stuart
Colleen Dewhurst
as Henrietta Dodd
Martin Sheen
as Greg Stillson
Nicholas Campbell
as Frank Dodd
Sean Sullivan
as Herb Smith
Jackie Burroughs
as Vera Smith
Géza Kovács
as Sonny Elliman
Roberta Weiss
as Alma Frechette
Simon Craig
as Chris Stuart
Peter Dvorsky
as Dardis